Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cute Older Brother

So Ben is kind of hit or miss when it comes to his baby sister.  Most of the time he ignores her or tolerates her.  He's never really mean to her, which is good.  But once in a while, it strikes him to be really sweet with her.  Tonight, as in just a few minutes ago, Ben was in his highchair eating some chocolate cake after eating a good dinner.  I was sitting in front of his highchair with Penny on my lap and Ben was kind of playing footsie with Penny and she was laughing because a)her little feet are ticklish and 2) she LOVES her big brother and smiles so big for him any time he looks at her.  Anyway, Ben was getting a kick out of this and laughing when she would laugh and he promptly put down his fork, put out his arms and said "hug".  I said "You want to hug Penny".  He replied that he did.  So I took him out of his highchair and took him in the family room and put him on the couch and set Penny on his lap.  The results were adorable.  Unfortunately, I didn't have time to pull out the video camera as Ben's sweet brother moments are generally fleeting.  I did capture it on my cell phone.  I didn’t edit it, because I thought it all was pretty cute, but it is long.  Check it out.

Also, expect an update about Penny’s blessing on Sunday.  I’m just waiting until I can get the pictures from my mom.