Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

So, I survived Halloween without a husband.  He is in Des Moines on an emergency medicine rotation.  It is really not fun having him be gone.  I took as many pictures as I could, but my hands were pretty full.  I made the kids’ costumes myself, and I think they turned out really well.  I don’t really have time to do a detailed post since I have been making costumes for two weeks and have sort of neglected the housework so I really need to get to that.  So, I am just going to make a Halloween album and people can check out the pictures.  Also, I should note that the Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf costumes were not my idea, I got the idea from Here.  However, instead of a Granny, I had Ian be a Woodsman.  They were pretty cute.  I really just put every picture I have, I didn’t whittle them at all, so check it out.  I’ll try and post some videos later.