Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tee Ball

So, I know it has been a while.  Way too long when we have a newbie in the house to keep updated on.  Still, I am going to make it even worse, and this post is going to be about Ben.

This summer, Ben played Tee ball on a little league here.  We made sure he got to be on the same team as his best bud from preschool, Wyatt.  They were called the Giants and wore orange shirts.  Ben’s, of course, was humungous on him.

Here is a picture of his first day, taken by Jon as it was the day after we came home from the hospital and I was unable to attend.  I sent Jon with the camera under threats of death if he didn’t take pictures.

Here is him behind the backstop with some of his teammates.  That is Wyatt on the left.


Running to first base in his cute little baseball cleats.


And the team standing around.  Ben is next to Wyatt again.  They are pretty attached to each other.  Too bad they won’t be going to the same preschool this year.


And here is a picture on picture day.  Does it make us terrible people that Jon stood behind the camera and took this while they posed rather than paying for a print?  Probably, but we’re cheap.  And we got a picture of his cute little team for free.


And some shots of Ben in the infield.  There really isn’t an outfield in tee ball.  Also, all of the kids chase after every hit, so positions are kind of useless.  At least he has his mitt on the correct hand in these pictures.  I had to tell him pretty frequently to switch hands.  Also, I was constantly telling him to stop chewing on his mitt, so there’s that too.



And in the ‘dugout’, which is really just a bench behind the backstop.  Ben always ended up batting last because he would forget to scoot down the bench when the kids in front of him went up to bat.


And Penny trying to join in on the fun.


I also took videos of Ben batting.  Let’s just say he is probably not going to be playing baseball competitively any time soon.  Which is fine by me as I do not like watching baseball.  Although, he did get better at hitting as the season progressed.

I had to stop taping him because he kept watching me and not the ball.  Over-involved parents, a coach’s worst nightmare, right?

In other Ben related news, check out the car he built all by himself out of bristle blocks:


He is a smart little kid and super excited to be starting preschool.  I really struggled with whether to put him in full day or half a day.  He really wanted a full day, and that would make my life easier in terms of not dropping him off at preschool, coming home, unloading the younger kids and then loading the kids back up to go get him again.  On the other hand, 8:30 to 3:00 is a long time, and I will miss the kid.  So will Penny.  They have been playing together pretty well lately.  Still, I decided on the full day, keeping in mind that it is preschool and I can always take him out if he hates it.  I also think it will ultimately be good for Penny who is really starting to show signs of resenting not getting as much mommy time as she would like.  With Ben at school all day, Penny gets me to herself whenever Ian naps.  Also, she doesn’t have to compete for the toys and get yelled at when she doesn’t play the games correctly according to Ben’s made-up rules.