Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our Little Builder

So it is so fun to watch Ben develop his imagination more and more.  He does some really fun things these days.  He is very curious and never stops talking.  He has also officially entered the “why” phase.  Which means of course that he asks ‘why’ about 1,000 times a day.  It was cute at first, but quickly has become wearing.  On the plus side, I try to use this opportunity to teach the little guy some things.  Previously, he lost interest really quickly when I try to teach him things.  Now, when he asks about something I try to give him as real of answers as I can.  I have made a resolution to try and give him accurate answers for his questions.  I have a strong feeling that this will lead to me either having to research a lot of things I didn’t previously know, or giving up and making things up like any good parent does.

In related news, Ben has become quite the little builder.  He loves Legos, and he has lots of little sets to build things (mostly cars and trucks, he has kind of a one-track mind).  However, those toys only really come down off the shelf when Penny is asleep so Ben has rediscovered his bristle blocks that my sister gave the kids for Christmas last year.  They are great because they are big enough to not worry about Penny eating them, but offer enough variety for him to explore and really build.  Today he built an awesome set of machines.  I had to give him a chance to show them off, so here is a video of him explaining all about them.  Excuse the messy basement.  I am pregnant and cleaning is very low on my priority list.

Ben showing off his awesome machines that he built.