Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cute Videos

So, I have some pictures of Ben’s last day of school and Penny’s last day of her co-op preschool, but some have to be scanned or uploaded or e-mailed from other moms.  Until I get those up, here are some cute videos.

Somehow, I forgot to put up this video of Penny at the Chicago airport.  I could have sworn I put it in the post about our Utah trip, but I didn’t.  She was pretending to be a ninja on the moving walkways. 

Apparently Penny is a ninja. She had a blast breaking out her moves on the moving walkway at O’Hare.

And this is one of my recent favorites.  Jon was playing with Penny’s recorder (I don’t know why, he likes to be obnoxious) and Ian wanted to play too.  When Jon gave him the recorder, adorable-ness ensued.  Seriously, Ian is too cute for words:

So Ian “Plays” the recorder by making a pretty convincing recorder noise with his mouth while he holds the recorder.