Monday, November 10, 2008

Lots of Videos

So, as promised, I have uploaded a bunch of videos of the little big guy that we've taken over the past couple of weeks. We've caught some pretty adorable moments on film. I didn't do a lot of editing, so some of them are kind of long. Nothing too much more than a minute or so.

First, here's a video of Ben getting really excited whenever I take a drink. We're not really sure why he does this, but he did it really consistently at first. He still does it once in a while but not as much. It's pretty hilarious

Here's Ben sitting and playing with a racquet. He's got the sitting thing down pat. Also, he likes to grab stuff. It's what he does.

Here we see Ben showing off one of his newer skills: high-fiving. He only does it with his right hand, and he has to be at least in a semi-good mood. Still, I'm calling it a new skill.

I had some technical difficulties with two of the videos. They will be in a later post, hopefully shortly.

1 comment:

Merrill Family said...

Too cute! It makes me miss him/ Too bad our video camera doesn't connect to the computer. . .