Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quick Update

So, posting on the blog is a little bit tricky these days. For those of you who didn’t get the e-mail, I also posted a link to the pictures I uploaded to Walgreens (it’s the easiest place for me to pick up prints). I don’t really have any more pictures to post today, but I do have a couple of videos. But I’ll only share them if all of you promise not to judge my messy house keeping in mind I’m new to two kids and a lot of these videos were on my birthday.

Also, yesterday was Penny’s one month birthday and we went to the doctor. She tipped the scales at 11 lbs 9 oz and measured 22 inches (although I think she’s a bit longer than that because the nurse really didn’t try to stretch her out at all). She’s a really big girl.

Anyway, here are the videos:

Ben playing cars with his little sister:

Ben in mom’s shoes:

Ben exercising with dad:

And lastly, Penny’s smile (I swear, she’s an early smiler, she does this a lot, it wasn’t just a fluke we caught on video). Oh, and yes, she is very chubby:



Geri said...

We loved the videos. Thank you for the posts. Penelope is beautiful It is amazing that she is smiling like that at such a young age. I hope your birthday was a happy one.
Love ya,

RGrant said...

Yes, she is an early smiler. I know Tobin doesn't really count since he was a preemie, but he didn't smile until well over two months old. She's super advanced :) And yes, also very chubby. Love it!!

Merrill Family said...

I agree that she is DEFINITELY smiling. That was adorable. Thank you so much for posting those. It makes me miss them!!!

Erica and Dan Kiefer said...

wow she's got so much expression for being so young! must be a happy spirited baby. hope recovery is going well for you!