Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quick Little Penny Video

So, I know I still owe people pictures and video from Christmas, Penny’s Birthday and a lot of other things.  To make matter worse, I have a loaner phone that has a terrible camera on I, so I haven’t been texting pictures either.  So here is a quick video of Penny being silly to tide you over.  Oh, and FYI, there is an adorable video of Ben helping Jon read the Three Little Pigs on the horizon.

Penny being her cute, silly self. Sorry about the bad picture, there was a nasty smudge on the lens.

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Geri said...

I loved all the videos. It sounded like Penny was reading along with Ben and Jonathan. So cute! Ben is such a little talker. Thanks for posting and I agree with you about the Twilight series.