Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day

It is probably a little bit ridiculous for  me to finally post on Valentine’s Day, which is a very silly holiday, when I skipped Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Penny’s Birthday.  Regardless, last night I was trying to take some pictures of Ben to make a little personalized valentine for him to take to preschool and I thought I would share the results.  It started out pretty uneventful:


Ben insisted on having his hair spiked, even though it is getting a bit long for that.  Also, he is wearing his new favorite shirt.  I am pretty pleased because I made it, and it turned out well.  Plus, he loves it, which is sort of the point.  He loves things with hoods on them, so I found a pattern and made this out of a couple of my old shirts and a small amount of a cute fire truck knit I got on sale at Joann’s.  I did a freezer paper stencil for the fire truck.  It’s already starting to peel a bit because I had to do too many layers of paint to get the red to look good on the black and Ben wears it every time I wash it, so it’s already been through the was several times.  Oh, and I am not sure why the fire truck is shooting out fire, but Ben thought it was cool.

Anyway, he is holding out his fist because we were going to do a valentine where I printed off his picture and then stuck a lollipop through the photo where his hand was. I got the idea here at makeit-loveit and it is super cute.   Then it was snowing and nasty yesterday, so I decided against having to go pick up photo prints.  At least I got motivated to take some pictures of Ben.

As you can see, he was not looking at the camera.  It turns out that I made an error in judgment.  I put a movie on to keep Penny  distracted  during the photoshoot.  Instead Ben was distracted by it and wouldn’t look at the camera and:


Penny jumped in the shot anyway.  On the plus side, at least she was looking at the camera.  So, I abandoned the Ben shot and embraced the moment.



Ben still wouldn’t look at the camera, but Penny sure likes to ham it up for the camera.  Her hair is so silly because I had just taken out her ponytails.

As with most cute, huggy, affectionate moments with these two, it played out a little like this.


Oh, big hugs. We love each other.


Seriously, could we be any cuter?


Uh oh, Penny’s getting bored with this. . .


And decides to make things more interesting.


And now we are wrestling affectionately (I think)


And Penny of course has the upper hand.  Either because she is just that aggressive or because we taught Ben too well to be nice to his sister.

Regardless, it is a pretty quick transition from laughing, giggling, affectionate horsing around, to hitting, biting, or trying to strangle. Sadly, I am not kidding:


At least Penny is still looking at the camera and trying to smile.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Erica and Dan Kiefer said...

Chelsea! i have not been on your blog in forever. i cannot believe how big your kids are. They were both still babies in my head! they are good lookin' kids! nice job. i love the sibling love. so cute. Hope you're doing well!

Michelle said...

So adorable, thanks. Give those kids a kiss from Grandma and Michelle.