Thursday, May 23, 2013

Trip to Utah

So, the kids and I went to Utah, and it was great.  I really don’t have many pictures of the visit because they are all either on my mom’s camera, who is currently in China and unable to share those with me, or Russell’s camera.  So there you go.  Here are the few I have.
Ian got his first haircut, courtesy of Aunt-to-be Natalie.  I am so glad we got to meet Natalie before Brad marries her in August.   Here she is with the big kids:
And here is Ian before his haircut:
And, after:
Cozying up to Grandma Geri:
Getting to know Great Grandma and Grandpa Willes at Michelle’s farewell:
Michelle and Ian on the Carousel, we miss her already.  We are so glad we got to spend some time with her before she went on her mission.  Good luck in Japan!
Penny and Geri on the Carousel:
And Ben on the carousel:
We really did have a great time.  We got to go to the zoo, and City Creek Mall, and obviously a carousel.  We also went to the new Scheels in Utah, twice.  It is that huge and awesome.  The first time, the kids rode on the Ferris Wheel with my mom.  Yes, there is a Ferris Wheel inside the Scheels.  The second time, we discovered a little play palace for the kids.  This in addition to the giant archway aquarium that we saw a person scuba diving inside of to clean it.
It was really fun helping my mom and dad get ready to go to China.  My mom was such a good sport to have us when she was right in the middle of getting ready for such a huge thing.  It was also great to get to see pretty much all of Jon’s family at Michelle’s farewell.

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Geri said...

Oh Chelsea,
I am sooo grateful you could come out. It was so wonderful to be with you and your adorable family. It is so true and even symbolic what Michelle said of her farewell. I would start tearing up as I looked at her on the stand and then I would start playing with the kids on my lap and it would make me so happy. I think you and the kids saved us.
We love you!