Sunday, July 27, 2008

Summer Days

So, Ben and I have been pretty busy the past couple of weeks. I'm sorry it's been a while since I posted. Don't worry, I have lots of pictures to show everyone what we've been up to. I have to say, I have no worries that there aren't enough pictures of Ben. He has been thoroughly photographed in his short little existence. Anyway, this post and the next couple of posts will be a quick photo journal of the last few weeks.

Ben and I went to the zoo with my mom and my two nephews. Ben slept the whole time, which was really a blessing. It's not like he can even see anything more than a couple of feet away. Here I am on the Carousel with Owen. Owen loved seeing all of the animals and was really a trooper.

Ben was dressed up in his animal outfit in honor of going to the zoo. Sometimes he makes the silliest little faces. I decided I should post some pictures of those faces instead of only just when he's smiling. In this one, he's hanging out under a little play gym. He loves batting at the toys and trying to grab them. He's getting pretty good at it too.

Owen just loves his little cousin and always is trying to make him smile. They are so cute together. I'm really glad Ben has been able to spend some time with his cousins.

Ben loves hanging out with Grandpa Merrill (B-Pa). I just love all of his little rolls. Is anyone out there worried that I don't feed the kid enough?

My mom and I decided that Ben needed a Bumbo chair since he's really starting to try and sit up. Here's the trial run. I know it says right on the box that you aren't supposed to put these things on elevated surfaces, but I laugh in the face of danger. Really though, I was obviously standing pretty close. Don't you judge me. I will try and get a video of Ben trying to sit up without the Bumbo. When I hold him semi-reclined he lifts his little (or rather big) head up and pulls on my hands to sit up all the way. He still has a little trouble with his head wobbling and a lot of trouble with balance and holding still.

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Dani said...

I prefer Ben be naked his whole baby life. I love all those rolls! You just want to squeeze him!