Wednesday, October 1, 2008

La Dee Dah

Life isn't overly exciting here in Rockford. Ben is super adorable. He's a real chatterbox and a total flirt. He makes friends with everyone we pass on the street. He loves his daddy. I don't know who looks forward to Jon coming home more, me or Ben. Ben won't take his eyes off of Jon for at least ten minutes after he gets home. The other day, I was feeding Ben some prunes and Jon walked in and went into the bathroom. Even after he was out of sight, Ben kept looking down the hall waiting for him to come back.

Jon reading to Ben. Ben seems to appreciate books a little bit more now. Mostly he just constantly tries to grab them, but I do think he likes the pictures.

Ben just loves his daddy so much.

Ben is eating solids more and more these days. I've tried my hand at making my own baby food. So far I made carrots and pears. It's not so bad since I only have one kid and no job. He likes his oatmeal cereal better than rice cereal.

Ben's about as good at eating as I am. Maybe Paige can get me an awesome pilot bib. He does seem to enjoy cereal and he's even had some carrots and prunes.

As for new tricks, Ben rolls over from his back to his tummy now. He isn't super good at it, he has trouble getting his arm in a good position. He was on his tummy when Jon went to get him in the morning the other day, though, so he can do it on his own. He is sitting up really well, but I wouldn't quite say he's mastered that skill, yet. He still leans too far over sometimes and topples over. He also has a lot more interest in toys now that he's got better eye-hand coordination.

Here he is with one of his favorite toys.

And here he is ready for some basketball. Is anyone wondering if mommy wants the little guy to play sports some day? I can't help it, I think he looks so adorable in the sportswear. I like to think that if he doesn't want to play sports I'll be totally cool with that.

Also, we got a really sweet package from great gramma and granpa Workman the other day. It had some really adorable clothes and some chocolates.

Here Ben is modeling one of his new outfits. He's pretty stinking adorable.


Melanye and Kip Thompson said...

Those pictures are super cute! I love the one when he has a football in his hand with his head tilted to the side. And ps, "Where the Wild Things Are" is such a great book! :)

Mindi said...

I agree with the stinking adorable part, but I guess that's what my comments are usually about. Thanks for updating! We love seeing what y'all are up to.

Andrew and Lauren said...

Wow. He is really really cute.

court said...

oh, chels, i love these new pictures as usual! i love the one of him looking up at his daddy. he is turning out to be such a happy little guy. i think it's because of all those rolls keeping him nice and comfortable. keep them coming! oh, and if you haven't been to the blackbeard site lately, rob updated it with lots of goodies and he's sending me the cd so hopefully i can bring you a copy when i see you in 2 weeks! yippee!