Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Raising Arizona

So, I recently got back from going to Arizona to see some of my family. My brother lives there with his wife and three kids. My mom and my sister also came down from Utah to see everyone and all of us wanted to see the musical that my cousin wrote. It's called Blackbeard, and it was fantastic. You can check it out here My cousin, Rob Gardner, put the same show on as a workshop last summer. He made some changes and worked on it and put it on again all through September. It was impressive. I've seen a lot of musicals and it's definitely one of my favorites. The characters are interesting and the story is engaging. But the music is just amazing. The cast really did it justice, too.

Anyway, the play was awesome and Ben and I had a great time with all the family. Nick and Alex were really sweet with him. Mom and Courtney were excited to see him, too. It was good to see Adam and Karlie and their new house. Being there reminded me how huge Ben is. I'm pretty sure he could eat Dylan, who is a month older. Actually, he tried to a couple of times.

Unfortunately, I got back and realized I didn't take any pictures except on my phone. I guess I was too busy having fun. The only not fun part was the flying. Let me tell you, traveling by yourself with a baby should be a part of the World's Strongest Man competition. I must have been lugging 150 pounds of stuff around the airport and getting to the bus and such.

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Dani said...

I AGREE about the airport thing! It's so darn hard. We've done it several times. I wish people would be more helpful and recognize how hard it is instead of giving you the evil eye because you're bringing a baby on their airplane. I'm glad you had such a good time.