Friday, February 13, 2009

We got a new camera!!!

Okay, so I know that this post is long overdue. I think I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by how much I have to catch up on. So, I decided to make this post with the most recent stuff and I’ll work my way backwards as I have time. I’ve already started the posts that cover what’s been going on the past few months, so when I do post them, they will post previous to this one, so keep an eye out. Phew, that was a run-on sentence.

Anyway, our most recent big news, if you couldn’t guess from the title of this post, is that we got a new camera. Jon and I decided it was time to upgrade since both of our cameras are pretty old and not very well-suited for taking pictures of a baby. Not to mention that neither of them are currently functioning properly. So we decided to upgrade to something with a little more juice. This is it here:


I haven’t figured out all the bells and whistles on it yet (it has a lot), but we have managed to get a couple good pictures out of it so far. Here are some of the pictures we took with it the first day we got it:

As you can see, Jon discovered that Ben likes to play in our hamper.

Yesterday, I got Ben all dressed up in a new outfit from his Nammy and did his hair to take some pictures of him. It was pretty much a photo-shoot. Ben was a pretty good sport but he kept trying to grab the camera, which made things tricky. Mostly, I wanted to get a money shot to submit in the Regis and Kelly beautiful baby competition (the deadline is today). This is the one I chose for the competition:

Here is a slideshow of some of the other pictures from the day, including the ones where Ben decided he had had it with the picture-taking.

Well, there you go. Hopefully this post will tide everyone over while I work on posts of happenings since Thanksgiving. It might take a bit to sort through all the pictures and such, but I’ll do my best to get all caught up this weekend.


Dani said...

OH my gosh! Your baby is so cute! Seriously. He should win. Great picture too! Miss you guys! Thanks for the new pictures.

Merrill Family said...

I love it! He has grown up so much I can't believe it. He's cuter and cuter all the time.. . and he was pretty darn cute to begin with! I want to kiss those cheeks.