Friday, March 20, 2009

Owie and Ollie Visit

So Rachael's two little boys stayed with us a little while back. It was a little cramped here, but we had a lot of fun. Ben loved having his older cousins around to keep him company. Ollie wasn't totally pumped that Ben kept taking the toys he was playing with, but I think he still likes Ben. Anyway, here are some pictures. I know I've been doing the albums lately, which I prefer, but for reasons beyond my control, this will have to be one of those posts with tons of pictures. Sorry.
Anyway, here's one of Ben and Owen under the table. Ben likes to hang out under there sometimes, I got out the camera and Owen jumped under there to be in the picture. He loves to be photographed. Turns out, so does Ben.

Rachael sent along this little tent that her boys like to play in. Ben loved it to. He would crawl in one door and keep crawling until he tipped the tent over. All three boys were in it, but I wasn't quick enough with the camera and Ollie didn't want to cooperate.

Here's Ollie smiling for the camera. He was being so cute and smiley. He looks a little goofy in the picture, but I just can't resist those baby blues. This kid is seriously so sweet.

Ben and Ollie playing with Ben's walker. Ben is waving, he does that sometimes now, although not all that predictably.

Ben and Ollie playing the drums in their matching shirts. I promise that wasn't on purpose.

All three boys on the drums. They were so cute together.

Anyway, I know that Rachael thought I was doing her a favor, but I loved having her boys here. They really helped keep Ben occupied and they are just so sweet and fun. I even took them all to the library. They just opened up a new branch nearby and they loved it.

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