Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

So this was Ben’s first halloween as an active participant and with out further ado we give you our little monster.


Oh and this is Jon not Chelsea posting, so don’t expect anything spectacular.  We dressed Ben up as a dinosaur monster thing, but really here are my best guesses at what we really dressed him up as

Bub – From bubble bobble

Bubble Bobble flyer

I think that there is pretty good evidence for this

 Bubble bobble edit

See? there’s the blue one!!  And the life like bubbles really sells it for me.

But if you aren’t buying that, here’s an esoteric 80’s reference: It’s Denver the last dinosaur!


Anyway, it could be possible that this:


is really the same as this:

or this


I’m sure that who ever looks at this blog is more interested in seeing pictures of Ben than my witty image banter so here’s some more Ben.IMG_1181 IMG_1184 IMG_1187 IMG_1202 IMG_1200 IMG_1231 IMG_1234

And here’s a picture of Ben driving a fire truck.  It turns out he loves fire trucks and the firemen at the station just across the street are really nice  (aren’t all firemen nice, or is that just my experience?).  We go visit them every once in a while.


And a video of Ben hugging Owen during the trip to Pittsburgh.  This is pretty classic.  Ben loves his cousin.

I haven’t loaded the drivers for the video camera just yet so there’ll be more to come, including videos and pictures of his first Halloween night.


mckenzie said...

Chelsea what a sweet little family you have!!

Karen said...

this is courtney, but my internet has a hard time loading blogs with lots of pictures, so i'm writing from mom's house. the pictures are so cute!! i love that little dinosaur and his parents!!! can't wait to see you all plus pinky mcgruderson after christmas.

Merrill Family said...

Those videos are hilarious! My boys loved watching them with me. Dylan kept pointing to the screen saying, "baby, baby." Ben is just so stinking cute!