Friday, October 2, 2009

Long Overdue

So I know this is long overdue.  At this point it's way too overwhelming to try and catch everyone up on everything. So, instead I'm going to give a quick update on what's happening now and try to catch people up slolwy. Mostly, right now I'm in Pittsburgh visiting my sister and her family who just had a new baby, Tobin Joshua Grant. It's been great, especially because Ben loves playing with his cousins. Owen and Oliver are great cousins. They are so fun. Oh, and it should be noted that I'm using a Mac (I hate Macs) for this post, so I don't know how to do slideshows and such. As a result, this will be one of those posts that has lots of pictures that take up a lot of space, so prepare to scroll. Anyway, I'll start off with a couple of pictures of Ben, since he is the star of this blog.

Here is Ben saying peekaboo

And helping me sweep, one of his new favorite pasttimes

And showing off his finger painting skills

And getting cleaned up after finger painting

And being the adorable and cool dude that he is.

Here's a shot of my pregnant belly at about 25 weeks I think.

Ben loves his mama ( most of the time)

Risky business baby (This was Jon's doing)

Ben playing with the new corn popper that Nammy got him while she was in town.  It was so fun having Nammy and B-Pa here (albeit at different times).  Ben loved playing with them so much, and he loves his new toy.

A couple of shots of Ben enjoying the little tricycle at Rachael's house

Rachael with the baby all bundled up because it was chilly out.

Owen being Owen.  That is, just posing silly for the camera.

It takes a lot of focus to ride one of these things.

Me and the boys

Courtney enjoying the sweet little guy, and he surely is sweet, and tiny.

Courtney, Rachael, and Tobin, the man of the hour.

Lance made fake mustaches for the boys.  They thought it was pretty hilarious.

Here's a close up of the cute, little guy.  He's seriously adorable.

Tobin and his dad.


Lauren said...

Ben is so cute! I used to think he looked more like Jon...but now I see Chelsea all the way. Looks like you're having fun! Hope rotations are going well.

Geri said...

Please extend my congratulations to Rachel and Lance. He is beautiful and so are his brothers and cousin Ben. Thank you for the posting. We keep it up on our computer all the time.
Love ya,

Merrill Family said...

Thank you for posting all those pictures! All of the boys look so cute! Please give them all kisses for me!

Dani said...

AHHHHHH! Chelsea! You don't have a baby anymore you have a little boy!! He's so freaking cute. I know you're quite aware of this fact but he really is. I wish we were neighbors and he and James could play. ANYWAY, I hope that baby girl is growing nice and big. I'm so excited to see pictures of her when she's done cookin'. I need to call you soon and we'll catch up. Love you!

Eli Morey said...

Chels! I forgot that you had a blog until you updated. Your little guy is super super cute! And so are you with your pregnant belly! I just read that you guys are in Rockford. Eli has an interview for med school there in a month! He's staying with a friend from BYU - you probably know him. I don't remember his last name but his first name is Jacob and he is married to a cute Asian girl. Small world! Is your hubby a 2nd or 3rd year by now?

Sara Morey said...

I totally meant to leave that last comment under MY name, not Eli's - oops!