Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

So, my mom has been bugging me for pictures of me pregnant.  As I don't usually feel very camera-presentable, I've been avoiding it.  Then Ben woke up early yesterday and Jon agreed to feed him and such so I could shower and actually take some time getting ready for church.  It was the first time in a while that I thought I actually looked cute, so I made Jon take a picture.  Plus, Ben looked really cute in the Sunday outfit that Geri sent him, so we had to have some pictures of that.  Without any further ado:


Apparently, Jon didn’t get the whole “pregnancy photo” concept at first as he totally cut out my pregnant belly.  Luckily, he took another, long-ways one.


The lighting isn’t great, but that’s the general idea.  There’s me at 34 weeks pregnant.  I have to say, I was feeling pretty good about myself.  I’ve been pretty pleased with my weight gain with this baby and I don’t usually feel super huge.  That is, until I went to church and a lady came up to me after sacrament meeting and told me how I looked like I was ready to pop and was that baby ever coming out. I’m chalking it up to cultural/language differences as she’s Hispanic, but I couldn’t help but be a little bothered.  I think it’s worse when people make pregnancy comments like that when I’m feeling good about myself because it just totally wrecks that.  When I feel bloated and huge I don’t mind because they’re just confirming what I already know and it makes me feel less crazy.

Anyway, as promised, here is a picture of Ben’s Sunday outfit.  Again, I don’t think Jon totally got the point as he didn’t include the awesome pants, but Ben’s adorable nonetheless. 


Lastly, here’s a quick video of Ben kissing my belly and making the sign for baby.  It’s pretty dang adorable.  You’ll have to excuse the belly nudity and the very messy house.  What can I say?  Some days I don’t bother cleaning up until Ben’s asleep.


Kent Kate & Afton said...

I am not sure where Kent and I have been but we didn't know you were pregnant. Congrats. You do look good. Don't listen to that lady. I have a question. I know you said you are happier with your weight gain this time, but did your belly start to show sooner. We are pregnant too and my belly has already started to look thick and I am only 14 weeks.

heather park-Hillhouse said...

so cute! you look great...i would have guessed you were half that don't let her get ya down.

Karen said...

Chelsea, you look beautiful!! Thanks for the pictures. Why don't people of all cultures learn that unless you say, you look way too tiny to be that far along, you don't say anything?? I loved Ben kissing your belly. Let's hope he loves the baby that much when she comes out!!
love you,

court said...

Little Chels! You look incredible. People think it's okay to say the dumbest things to pregnant people. You and Ben are an adorable pair! Thanks for the post!