Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Preview

So, I’m going to post a Christmas overview to make sure everyone gets a peek.   On account of I’m going into the hospital first thing tomorrow to be induced, and I don’t want Ben’s Christmas to be overlooked in the hub-bub of the new baby, so I’m going to post a couple of quick pictures and video.  I’ll try and get more up later tonight or maybe when my family is here next week.

This was really the first time that Ben was an active participant, and he was a real hoot.  We started the festivities yesterday morning making gingerbread cookies.  Ben really had fun with that.  We gave him a little rolling pin which he tried to use (video to follow, I’ll have to upload it).  Mostly, he just picked at and ate the dough.  We gave him a cookie cutter and he would push it into the dough, then start eating the dough he’d cut out.  He had fun decorating them too, but he was mostly pumped about the car-shaped cookie that his daddy cut out special for him.  Check it out:

(The one on the left is a zombie cookie that Jon made)IMG_1316

Ben took a really good nap and we took it pretty easy in the afternoon.  I had to run a couple of errands while Ben was sleeping.  We had some delicious sandwiches for dinner while we watched a movie, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (Jon’s choice).  In hindsight, it might be a bit scary for little kids, but Ben liked it, mostly he liked the songs.  Ben went to bed like a champ after we attempted to tell him the nativity story.  Jon and I watched Christmas Story and I went to bed early.

As for today, I didn’t think Ben had any idea that today was Christmas.  We’d planned on doing a quick breakfast with Ben this morning before presents because he always wants to eat as soon as he gets up.  But when I went in to get him this morning he immediately started pointing towards the family room saying “car”, “truck” (it turns out the few presents he’d opened before today were cars, so he thinks all wrapped presents are cars or trucks).  Anyway, so we did presents first and breakfast later.  He got a real kick out of opening presents.  In typical small child fashion, he wanted to stop and open/play with every toy. 

Here’s a picture of the post-present-opening wreckage:


And here are some pictures of our delicious breakfast of Belgian waffles and bacon and cinnamon bread:

And our little family in front of the tree (thank goodness for a camera with a timer):


We took video of him walking in for Christmas and opening some of the presents, but that’s on the video camera and it takes a lot longer to post and I have to track down the USB cable.  However, Jon’s parents gave us an awesome new webcam for Christmas (ours broke), so we took some video straight to the computer.

I’m sure this is what everyone wants to see, videos of Ben playing with his new toys.  He really loves everything he got.  He’s been a crazy little boy all day, running from gift to gift.  Here are a couple of the highlights:

Ben riding around the giraffe tricycle that Grandma and Grandpa Willes sent:

Ben put himself in one of the boxes.  He was highly amused.

And, last (for now), Ben playing with the spiral racetrack that my parents gave him.  The boy sure loves his cars.

That’s all for now.  I hope you all had as wonderful a Christmas as we have had.  Jon and I will do our best to keep everyone updated on the baby situation.

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