Friday, August 13, 2010

Too Much Too Late

So I know that this post is woefully overdue, but I’ll try to make up for it by making this post way too long. I’ll start by posting some of the pictures from Penny’s blessing that I promised in my last post. Unfortunately, my mom was too busy taking pictures to actually be in any of the pictures, but I promise she was there. Also, we didn’t get any pictures of her cute little headband and the shoes she was wearing. It is worth noting that she’s wearing my blessing dress. My mom cleaned it and it was just beautiful. Anyway, here are the pictures:

Other than that, I guess I’ve missed posting a lot of what has happened over the past couple of months. I’ll give the Reader’s Digest condensed version with pictures interspersed to keep you interested. The kids and I went to Utah for the Merrill Family reunion. It was a grand time in Eden. I loved seeing all of my siblings and nephews, and of course my parents. We also got to spend some time with Jon’s family which was fantastic, of course. Ben loves his family and having playmates, although he did get a bit overwhelmed when everyone was together. Penny loves everybody and is pretty chipper most of the time. My nephew Dylan (Ben’s age) was in LOVE with Penny. He couldn’t get enough of her, and it was pretty stinking cute. I don’t think we ever adequately captured it on film, but here’s a little taste:

Other than our trip, life is pretty much normal aka crazy. Jon works ridiculous hours and I feel largely like a single mother with a boyfriend who spends the night once in a while. Also, I had Girl’s Camp. Geri and Robert came out to help take care of the kids while I dealt with that. It was so nice of them. We loved having them here. Ben was in heaven with Robert. They built forts and played all day. Penny didn’t exactly take a bottle so I came back from camp and went back for the last day. I love Girl’s Camp and I love my girls, but I’m pretty sure I would have died if I had stayed the whole week.

Ben is such a big boy. He’s halfway potty trained. Basically, he can go in the potty, but he’s not very good at telling me when he has to. So he’s potty trained as long as I remember to put him on the potty frequently enough. He talks up a storm, and almost half of it is intelligible now. I think my personal favorite is that he calls thunder “bunder”, and he always says it in a serious, low voice. It’s adorable. I’ll try to get it on film during the next storm. He has his moments of being sweet with his sister, but is not very excited that she is mobile enough to get into his toys now. He loves trucks and trains and cars and trucks. He loves this movie my cousin made called Twenty Trucks. It came with an awesome yellow shirt that he wants to wear every day. He points out all of the trucks we pass when we’re driving around. Especially dump trucks. They’re his favorite. Did I mention he loves trucks? He’s also a Lego building machine. He’s really good at it. Exhibit A (he built it without any help from me, also, note the trucks T-shirt):


Penny is growing so fast. My doctor was out of town, then I was out of town, so her 6 month check up was actually a 7 month check up. She weighed 18 lbs. 5 oz. and was 27 in. long (I think, I’ll have to check that on the little growth chart I keep). She’s been sitting really well for a while now. In fact, she can sit herself up on her own from laying on her stomach. She’s pretty much mobile now and is really close to crawling for real. In fact, sometimes she does a normal crawl, but most of the time she pushes herself up on her hands and knees and flops forward onto her belly and repeats that until she gets where she wants. Here she is from sitting to crawling back to sitting:

My mom is sending me a disc of the pictures from our trip to Utah, so I’ll post those when I have them. I have a large backlog of photos and videos from our nice cameras to upload and edit, but who has time for that? Right now, you all (that is if anyone still reads my blog) will have to settle for the latest batch of cell phone photos/videos. So, here are the last few months of our lives, as seen through my cell phone:

My Very First Solo Sewing Projects, Crafts, and Redecorating:

June in a Nutshell:

Ben’s First Movie (Toy Story 3) and July Fourth

Utah Trip

The Rest of July

Ben and Jon building stuff at Home Depot


And just to send you off:


Erica and Dan Kiefer said...

Chelsea, i'm glad life is treating you pretty well! that's got to be hard with how busy Jon is. You're awesome for being able to do that. good luck!!

Dani said...

Dear Chelsea,

First I love you and you are beautiful. And I know I say it every time I talk to you but seriously, we live parallel lives. I just took some precious nap time to look at all your picture and it was well worth it. Thanks for taking the time to put them all up! Also, we always take a million pictures with our phones too. They are so much easier. You get all the quick moments with them. We text Daddy and Grandma pictures all the time. Your kids are perfect. I don't know what Alice weights but it might be less than Penny! She's huge! And that's wonderful! I just want to naw on those arms and legs. Ben is quite the little charmer. I liked the video of him chasing the train round and round. OH man Chelsea, when did we turn into moms? Crazy. Hope you make it through today!

Geri said...

Thank you so much for this blog. It was the delight of the week and that is saying something because we just got back from the beach week in CA. Give those kids a kiss from bamma and wopper (Ben's pronunciation for grandma and Robert). I'm sure Richard, Russell and Michelle want some action too. Hopefully Grandma and Robert are in Ben's recent memory. Thanks again and we love you guys!

Geri said...
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Richard said...

Yeah, our kids are great, and my wife's the best

dicky said...

photo of ben with flag

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