Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June is Busting out all Over

Sorry that it's been a little while. I haven't had much time to post as I've been using the little bits of free time I have to start packing. We'll be rolling out of here two weeks from tomorrow, so there's not much time to get everything done. It doesn't help that Ben doesn't sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time during the day. I'm told he'll start taking longer naps during the day around three or four months. He still seems pretty uncomfortable a lot of the time and wants to be held pretty much 24/7. However, he will play on his own for a while when we put him down. He's getting more and more vocal. Right now, he's lying on the bed chatting to himself and waving his little fist at something. He's also super smiley and ticklish. He loves having his little scalp massaged.

Anyway, I finally managed to get the video of Ben laughing trimmed down and converted. Hopefully I can post that later today. The video was taken on May 18, and it's pretty precious. Make sure you turn up the volume or you may miss it.

We tried to take Ben swimming for the first time last week and ran into a couple of speed bumps. On Friday, there was torrential rainfall, so we went over to the student rec center to go swimming. Unfortunately, Jon forgot his ID and had to run home and get it (keep in mind the roads were flooded in some places) . He got back only to discover that I needed to have ID as well, and I don't carry that in my swimsuit. We gave up and went home. We tried to take him to the outdoor pool in our complex on Saturday with not much more success. The rainwater made for a very cold pool. I took him in for a second, but he protested to the cold, and I don't blame him. We taped it, but it was more pathetic than cute. Although he was stinking adorable in his little swim trunks and rash guard. I'll upload the video later.

Also, for those of you who were worried about meeting Ben for the first time after he's been pretty isolated, I don't think you need to worry. At church on Sunday when I took Ben out of sacrament meeting to change him, he was totally flirting with my visiting teacher and her little girl. I think he gets sick of me, so he'll be really excited to get some outside attention from his relatives this summer.

I don't know if anyone pays attention to national weather, but we've had some really intense storms here the past week. We had a couple of tornado warnings last night. It was crazy, the sky was lit up the whole night and the thunder was rumbling non-stop. There were a couple of lightning strikes close by that were blinding. I swear one of them must have struck within a block of here. It knocked the power out for a while. I just hope we don't get any storms like that when we're trying to move. Fingers crossed. That's it for now. I'll try to update a couple more times before we move, but I make no guarantees.

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