Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

So, Memorial Day isn't nearly as exciting when you aren't working or going to school. It's really just another Monday. I thought it would mean that they would open up the pool at our apartment complex and we could take Ben for his first swim. Turns out they just pulled off the cover, revealing the nasty sludge that's been festering under there for the past 6 months. It was tempting, but I decided not to take my brand new baby into water that was a nice combination of seaweed green and poop brown.

Ben hasn't done too much new in the last couple of days. He's grown out of a lot of his 0-3 month clothes. Also, he must have hit another "growth spurt" because he pretty much eats all the time and acts famished when he's not eating. I put "growth spurt" in quotations because I'm still not exactly clear on what a spurt is at this age. I mean, he did have 50% weight gain in a month, but one patch of that was supposed to be a spurt.

Anyway, it's starting to look like he's going to be a red-head. In natural light, his hair is pretty clearly red. It's interesting because it also looks like he's going to get Jon's olive skin, and redheads with olive skin are pretty unheard of. He definitely has blue eyes. Right now they're such a blue that sometimes they almost look purple. We'll see, obviously it's still a little early to know for sure what he's going to look like. I'd post a picture of his red hair, but the coloring never shows up in the photos.

Also, Ben rolls from his back to either side. He hasn't made the complete roll to his tummy yet, but sometimes I think that's because there isn't room in his cradle to roll all the way over. Oh yeah, also , there's not much motivation to roll over to his tummy since he hates it. He's a definite mover and a shaker, though. If he's not eating or sleeping he wants to be moving, either in a car or a stroller or in mom or dad's arms while they walk as fast as possible. He's also entered a drooling stage as of today. Before today he would have spit bubbles, but now he drools pretty considerably. If you hold him over your head, you're liable to get a ball of spit in your eye.

As for the rest of us, we're just figuring things out for the impending move and enjoying life with our little guy. Jon has his last exam for his first year of medical school this Friday. He's feeling pretty good about that. I look forward to having a couple of weeks with him around before we separate for the rest of the summer.

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