Friday, March 20, 2009

Just Chillin’

My life isn’t overly interesting, but Ben’s sure is.  This kid is discovering new things every day and really enjoying being a mobile little dude.  Here are some pictures of his latest adventures including playing drums and actually getting into the entertainment center when we cleaned out one of the cupboards.  Regardless of what he’s doing, he’s pretty stinking adorable.

I recently bought Ben some new clothes on an outing to the outlets.  Here are some pictures of him sporting his latest duds while he gets into trouble.  Sometimes I can’t believe what a little boy he’s growing into.  He even cheeses it up for the camera sometimes.


Dani said...

You know I've always been a big fan of your kiddo but seriously, he's so freaking cute. I just love his rolls. Thanks for putting up more pictures. I just love them. AND love you! Hope mommy life is treating you well. We're gearing up for the summer weather already. Yikes!

Geri said...

We all loved your last posting. Can't wait to see you all.
Love ya,