Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ben’s First Haircut

So, Ben was starting to look a little bit like a girl and his hair was getting into his eyes and his ears so I decided it was time for a haircut.  Jon really didn’t want to, but agreed to do it because I wanted to.  He thought we could do it by ourselves and I couldn’t find a place here that I felt comfortable taking him so we bought some clippers to make it a little bit simpler.  We weren’t exactly surprised by the fact, but it’s pretty tough to cut an almost one-year-old’s hair.  Anyway here are some before pictures of him in the highchair.  We ended up just disrobing the little dude and rinsing him off afterwards.  He’s got the Wii remote because we wanted to give him some things to distract him that he’s usually not allowed to play with.

Here is a video of the event as well.  It’s not cut together very well because it was really long and I just wanted to show the interesting stuff.  So, you get the beginning and the end.  The beginning shows him freaking out about getting his hair sprayed with water and trying to see the clippers and being impossible.  A couple minutes in, I discovered the best distraction was some cheap headphones I have.  He was a little more cooperative after that, although he still kept looking at the clippers.  By the end, he was pretty unaffected.  I just put the last bit where he claps, because that’s his new thing.  He claps for everything and gets so proud of himself.

Ben's First Haircut. The camera is sitting on a stool. It makes us look like Charlie Brown adults.

And, here are some after-shots, one right after we rinsed him off and the rest from during his dinner and after I got him ready for bed and trying to brush my teeth.  He was being pretty stinking adorable

And last, here are two really cute videos of Ben giving me kisses.  Well, I’m not sure if you could call it kissing, he more tries to eat my lips and then laughs about it, but see for yourself.  Oh, and it should be noted that I was taking this video and some of the pictures from above by holding my arm out, so forgive the cutting off of heads and such.

Ben giving silly kisses.


More kisses, I love this boy.

One last thing.  I finished a post I had started earlier, so you might want to scroll down past the last post and check out the pictures of when Owen and Ollie came to visit.


Karen said... guys are SO brave and did a really nice job. Ben looks so much like a little boy...he is very handsome. Chels you look beautiful too. The kisses were pretty crazy!!
We can't wait till you get here and he can start "kissing" us too.
I love all three of you,

court said...

Oh, Chels, those pictures and videos are adorable. I LOVE the new haircut. Sad he can't do the spiky thing for a while, but he looks great and like a little boy. I just wish you could get him to smile for once. Seriously, though, you both look great!

Also, I love the pictures of the Benner with his cousins. It's hilarious the way Owen loves to do that cocking the head pose for pictures! You can tell they were having a great time. Thanks for documenting it for all of us poor schleps that don't get to see any of them often enough! I can't wait to see you soon!

Dani said...

Oh, I love it! It's so sad to cut their hair the first time. That's their little baby hair. We still haven't bought clippers but I'm sure we will. Cute boy!

Geri said...

Love those countdowns! I use to check you site every day so Ben could make me smile. Now it will be multiple times a day. Don't you love how Bradley's clock leapt forward this week?
Hugs, kisses, and love from the Willeses