Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Day at the Beach (sort of)

So, before I left Utah, Ben got to go on his first boating trip on my parents' boat. Along with us were my parents, Courtney, Lance, Owen, and Oliver. It was lots of fun. It's the law for Ben to be in a life jacket, so my dad bought the smallest one he could find for him to wear. Still, it was a little too big for him. On the plus side, he loves to suck on things but isn't too great at holding onto them. The life jacket was a built in chew toy. It was hard to get a shot of him not sucking on the life jacket. It's also nice that the jacket has a built in baby handle.

My mom with Owen and Ben

Ben generally enjoyed being on the boat. He loves the outdoors and bouncing and moving, so it was a perfect combination.

Ben's big cheeks getting squished by the life jacket.

Me with Owen and Ben, who is still sucking on the life jacket.

All in all, we had a great time. Oliver kept trying to jump in the water, which definitely made things interesting. The water was surprisingly warm and perfect for skiing.

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Dani said...

Ok, the life jacket is my favorite thing ever! That's just hilarious.