Sunday, August 31, 2008

Owen and Ollie

My sister, Rachael and her little family moved from Utah to Pittsburgh a couple of weeks before Ben and I left. Before they went, though, we got to spend a lot of time with her boys, who stayed with my mom and I while Rachael and Lance got moved in. Ollie is super adorable and just mastered walking.

Owen loves having his picture taken and also spending time with Ben. Here he is reading to Ben. Owen was so sweet with him, as he was getting in the car seat to go to the airport to leave for Pittsburgh he said "Ben is going to miss me". I know I will.

I let Owen use my camera and showed him how to use the timer. He wanted to take a picture of himself. He wasn't super good at finding a good place to set the camera. Still. . .

Owen recruited Ollie to the photo shoot, but Ollie wasn't too pumped about it.

I know Ben will miss his cousins, and I'll miss being around all my family.

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