Monday, April 13, 2009


As promised, here are some pictures of Ben’s Easter celebrations.  First, I have some pictures I took of Ben at our ward Easter dinner.  He usually loves going to church activities because everybody pays attention to him and plays with him.  Unfortunately, he had missed his afternoon nap on Friday and it was about bed time anyway, so he was pretty grumpy.  Still, I got some cute pictures of him exploring the gym and the halls.  He especially loved playing peek-a-boo with me through the glass doors.

Now for the really cute pictures of Ben Easter morning.  I also have some video of him when he first got up and found his Easter basket, but I don’t think I have time to upload and edit it right now.  Anyway, he was pretty adorable in his little outfit.  I didn’t get any super pictures outside like I’d hoped because he was so distracted by the cars going by and he was already about ready for a nap.  I pretty much just posted all of the pictures I took.  I’m a little too lazy to be selective and this way you all can decide which ones you like best.  Plus, this way the album sort of functions as a montage of our morning.

I hope you all had a happy Easter.  I certainly love this time of year where we get to celebrate the resurrection and really turn our hearts and minds to Christ.  It doesn’t hurt that the world is coming back to life as well.  Now, if only the weather would really commit to being nice so Ben and I could go on more walks and enjoy it.

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RGrant said...

Oh Chels- Mom and I LOVE the pictures! Could he BE any cuter?! I think not. He looks so grown up and different without his hair--it's crazy how much it changes his little look. He's darling, and the outfit is adorable. We both miss him like crazy, and you and Jon too.