Monday, April 13, 2009


So, Geri, my mother-in-law responded to my Zac Efron post with a link to a pretty awesome video of people in a train station. Even Jon thought it was funny. He said it's the funniest social experiment he's ever seen. I just think it's awesome. Does it make me crazy that I want to live in a musical? Check it out:

Thanks Geri, that really made my day.


Geri said...

So glad you enjoyed it. Can't wait to see you guys.

Paige said...

quite possibly the coolest thing i've ever seen. this had to be in austria- how else would everyone know the Sound of Music dance? and i love that the random people just jump right in and know the choreography. i wish life were a musical, too chels. then we could be singing to each other from far distances and see each other on a splitscreen. we could save a lot on airfare, you know.